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Very early in his career, Dr. Mridha began writing verses, quotes, and poems in his spare time and to nourish his mind with positive thoughts. Over the years, he has published five of his collections into books: three in English and two in his native Bengali. His newest collection of verses, “Sweet Babies, Sweet Thoughts,” will be published in 2022.
Verses of Peace
What is peace? How do we achieve and maintain peace? These deep yet basic questions lie at the root of the human condition, and this book takes an earnest stance while adding adding meaning and clarity . Choosing his words wisely and arranging them with care, Debasish Mridha, MD, offers another collection of timeless verses that readers of any age will appreciate for their thought-provoking simplicity. Complemented with illustrations by Jerry Langmaid, Verses of Peace champions qualities such as honesty, compassion, forgiveness, and kindness into these sage observations. You may be inspired to borrow one or more of these gems for your daily meditation, a friendly conversation, or even the closing words of passionate litigation. (2019, Epitome Publishing)
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Verses of Happiness
What makes you happy? What makes me happy? The answers may be as different as night and day, but one thing is certain: All human beings share the desire to achieve happiness as a natural state of their being. Debasish Mridha, MD, considers happiness with healthy portions of wisdom, reflection, wonder, and joy in this collection, illustrated by Jerry Langmaid. These easily digestible verses provide the calming cadence of a gentle heartbeat, reminding readers that life is measured by the inherent value of qualities such as unconditional kindness, cooperation, sharing, or just giving a smile to someone who needs it. Verses of Happiness will plant the seeds of happiness in your brain that will blossom in your heart.
(2018, Epitome Publishing)
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Sweet Rhymes for Sweet Hearts
The joy of discovery. The comfort of family. The excitement of making new friends. The book captures all the thrills and fun of being young, when everything in the world is wonderful and new. Young children will appreciate the lively verses, and parents will appreciate the positive messages that fill the pages. An ideal first book to get young minds excited about reading.
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