We are delighted to share the highlights of the inaugural Mridha International Peace Symposium, held on June 9th at Gilbertson Hall, Saginaw Valley State University campus. The symposium brought together community leaders and professionals from various disciplines to provide practical and inspirational insight on peace in different aspects of life. With over 60 guests in attendance, the event offered a collegial atmosphere conducive to meaningful discussion and personal growth. The symposium commenced at 8:30 AM with a continental breakfast, allowing participants to get comfortable and prepare themselves for the enriching day ahead.

MIIPH Founding Board member Andy Bethune delivered a brief speech to welcome attendees and preview the upcoming program. His words set the tone for the day, emphasizing the ubiquity of peace and the importance of discovering it within ourselves and our surroundings. Next, Noor Chisti, the IT and digital designer of MIIPH, led attendees through an interactive quiz using Kahoot!. This segment, centered around fundamental information about the organization, brought an element of fun and engagement to the event. Attendees enthusiastically participated, fostering an atmosphere of camaraderie and shared knowledge.

Following the quiz segment, a captivating Q&A session unfolded between Saginaw Mayor Brenda Fay Moore and MIIPH Founding Board member Dr. Craig Douglas. Mayor Moore graciously shared her personal journey and the background of her impactful activities with the audience. She also offered insights into the future of Saginaw and extended her well wishes to MIIPH for its future goals, aligning her vision with the organization’s pursuit of peace and harmony.

Wendy Groll, Vice President of Operations & Certified Master Trainer of Dale Carnegie Training of Mid-Northern Michigan, took the stage to discuss the topic of peace in the workplace. Wendy’s masterful presentation tied together her career experiences and daily life work, while engaging the audience in thought-provoking tasks and a bit of humor to illustrate the idea that even the most hectic work environments can promote peaceful interaction.

After a short break, the symposium resumed with Herbert J. (Herb) Herd, a distinguished Psychotherapist and Counselor from Westlund Guidance Clinic, taking the podium. Herb enlightened the audience about fostering peace within the family and shared valuable insights into building stronger family bonds. His expertise and informative session left attendees with a deeper understanding of the importance of harmony within the family unit, in the many forms that can take in modern society.

The symposium continued with a conversation featuring MIIPH Founder Dr. Debasish Mridha and Andy Bethune. Mr. Bethune prompted Dr. Mridha to share his childhood experiences and the challenges he faced, giving the audience a glimpse into the transformative journey that led Dr. Mridha to dedicate his life to promoting peace worldwide. Dr. Mridha graciously answered questions from the audience, and his answers demonstrated thoughtful insight, levity, and inspiration in his wise and compassionate remarks. Following Dr. Mridha’s talk about his personal history and his deep belief in the power of peace, a delectable lunch was served, allowing participants to further connect and network with one another.

The final portion of the program, the Community Peace Awards, took center stage. Three outstanding individuals, Gail Hoffman, Brenda Fay Moore, and the Mexican-American Council (MAC), were honored for their exceptional social work and tireless efforts in promoting peace within society. Mrs. Chinu Mridha, the co-founder of MIIPH, had the privilege of presenting these prestigious awards to the deserving recipients, acknowledging their significant contributions to the betterment of communities.

The symposium culminated in a collective sense of accomplishment and inspiration, signifying a promising beginning for MIIPH in its mission to cultivate peace and happiness. We extend our most sincere appreciation to everyone who attended the Mridha International Peace Symposium, making it a truly remarkable and memorable event. Your presence and contributions have undoubtedly paved the way for a brighter future, and we eagerly anticipate your continued support as we strive to spread peace around the globe.