Join the Mridha International Institute of Peace & Happiness (MIIPH) today and bring a little piece of peace to your community! You’ll start as a Friend of Peace, and as you complete the courses and activities, you will advance to higher membership levels. While you complete the tasks and move up in your MIIPH status, you will also be making a positive impact on your environment and the world!

Why Join MIIPH?

  • Exclusive access to MIIPH content,
  • Connections with other seekers of peace and happiness around the world
  • Inner and outer peace that will enhance your life and nourish your peaceful journey!

Membership Benefits

  • Receive exclusive offers for merchandise and members-only events.
  • Receive member bonus points toward MIIPH merchandise for referring new members.
  • Receive priority notification of new events, contests, and activities.
  • Exclusive invite to attend the MIIPH Annual Conference.

MIIPH has five membership levels:

Friend of Peace

When you join MIIPH and register for your first lesson, you become a Friend of Peace. Anyone, regardless of their background or beliefs, can be a Friend of Peace.

Advocate of Peace

You can achieve the designation of Advocate of Peace after you have completed a lesson in our learning portal AND created a piece of art or writing that is directly related to peace.

Diplomat of Peace

You can become a Diplomat of Peace by successfully completing a lesson in our learning portal AND completing an approved peace-related project or challenge.

Ambassador of Peace

To become an Ambassador of Peace, you must successfully complete a lesson in our learning portal AND organize a peace-related event in your community.

Visionary of Peace

Visionary of Peace is the highest distinction of achievement at MIIPH. Those members who have completed all lessons and activities can be nominated by another member to be a Visionary of Peace.

Course Information

Members can level up by

(a) passing a test to complete a lesson,

(b) creating a piece of art or writing that is directly related to peace,

(c) completing an approved peace-related project or challenge, or

(d) organizing a peace-related event in your community. Visit our Member Activities page to see what activities others have done. There are also different member acknowledgement days

What Is the Format for Lessons?

  • Lessons are comprised of video segments, short audio clips, and light reading, with content related to aspects of individual and community peace and happiness.
  • Lessons will take between 1-2 hours to complete.
  • Every lesson includes a multiple-choice test at the conclusion, which members must pass in order to receive credit for completion.
  • Every lesson test contains 10 questions, and members must achieve a score of 80% to pass. You can take the test up to two times in one 24-hour period. If you still have not passed, you will need to wait 24 hours to take the test again.

Certificates of Completion

For every lesson you successfully complete, you will receive a decorative Certificate of Completion that you can print out and display.