MIIPH Curriculum

Dive into the MIIPH Curriculum – Your Gateway to Personal and Societal Transformation. Our carefully crafted courses provide a roadmap for understanding, embracing, and embodying the principles of peace, happiness, and positive change. Explore the curriculum to embark on a meaningful educational journey.

Introduction To Peace

Begin Your Journey with ‘Introduction to Peace’ at MIIPH. Lay the foundation for a harmonious life as you delve into the core principles of peace. Gain insights into the significance of fostering understanding, kindness, and cooperation in creating a world of lasting tranquility.

Exploring Conflict Resolution

Navigate the Art of Harmony with ‘Exploring Conflict Resolution’ at MIIPH. Equip yourself with practical tools to address and transform conflicts. Learn the art of constructive dialogue, empathy, and negotiation as essential skills in building bridges towards a more peaceful existence.

Stepping Up: Climbing The Mountain

Challenge Yourself with ‘Stepping Up: Climbing The Mountain’ – an Advanced MIIPH Course. Elevate your commitment to positive change as you ascend the peaks of service, leadership, and personal growth. This transformative journey empowers you to make a lasting impact on your community and the world.