Friend of Peace

When you join MIIPH by registering on this site, you automatically qualify as a Friend of Peace. Anyone, regardless of location, background, or beliefs, can be a Friend of Peace. When you become a Friend of Peace, you are demonstrating that you understand the value of qualities such as empathy, compassion, generosity, forgiveness, and honesty. As a Friend of Peace, you can:

  • Unlock hidden content to gain all-access privileges to
  • Meet other members and share information, opinions, and informed thoughts about peace, harmony, and happiness.

How Do I Move Up a Level?

  • Passing the required courses, completing required lessons,
  • Creating a piece of art or writing that is directly related to peace,
  • Completing an approved peace-related project or challenge.
  • Organizing a peace-related event in your community. Visit our Member Activities page to see what activities others have done. There are also different member acknowledgement days.