Peace Walk 2023

The Mridha International Institute of Peace and Happiness (MIIPH) marked a significant milestone in 2023 by celebrating International Peace Day for the third consecutive year. This annual event has become a beacon of hope and unity in Saginaw, MI, where MIIPH cordially invites all residents, irrespective of gender, to come together and champion the cause of peace. The historic Montague Inn Bed & Breakfast provided a picturesque backdrop for this momentous occasion.

Peace Walk 2022

All around the world, September 21 is recognized as an International Day of Peace. MIIPH started the Saginaw Peace Walk in 2021 to give people in the community an outlet to come together and you’re your support for peace in all its forms. Learn more about the Saginaw Peace Walk and make plans to join us next year!

Peace Walk 2021

The Mridha International Institute of Peace & Happiness officially began its journey to spread peace around the world on September 29, 2021. To celebrate our launch and to recognize the International Day of Peace, we led a peace walk for the community! The walk was rescheduled from September 21 due to weather but will be held annually on September 21st in the future.

Our theme for the 2021 event was one of Dr. Mridha’s insightful quotes on peace: “You find peace not by looking, but by giving.”

Peace is our purpose, peace is the answer, peace is magic, peace is our happiness. We had a wonderful peace walk and we can’t wait for next year!